Sweet neo-con: Ickiest Valentine ever

Big Trunk blows his wad on Kersten


National Review

is running an online Valentine's Day feature today, which is not nearly as cute as it may (or may not) sound. In fact it's downright sickening.

This issue isn't so much the realization that conservatives have hearts, or even that it's ideological circle-jerking of the worst sort--though certainly those two factors can't be ignored.

The worst part is that one "Women We Love" entry features one of our very own Powerline bloggers writing a love letter to--are you sitting down now?-- Katherine Kersten!


(Click through "The Right Love Stories" to "Cons in Love," then to the right to "Women We Love." Yeah, they went all Esquire on us too.)

What is it with these right-wing bloggers? It seems like they can barely contain themselves when the issue of the oppostite sex comes up, as if they can't prove hard enough that they are really, really, really attracted to women. Really. No problem here. No sir. Move along.

Anyway, behold Mr. Scott W. Johnson, aka Big Trunk, waxing romantic about the Stribber most likely to have recently used home-perm products:

"After picking up degrees in business and law, Katherine Kersten set about slaying dragons in her spare time," The Trunskter begins rather auspiciously. He goes on to note that "Kathy" is now a "metro" "columnist" for the Star Tribune, and recently took her paper to task for not publishing the cartoons that offended so many Muslims.

"'Many Christian readers will be watching to see if standards differ the next time a cartoonist turns his sights on evangelical Christians or the Catholic Church,'" Big Trunk quotes Kathy as writing, before concluding on his own: "Don't you love her too?"

Suffice to say the sentiment is not shared here, Trunkster--but we love to see the love, no matter who it comes from. Just not this much. Down boy.

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