Sweet deals Thursday for Twin Cities cyclists, walkers


It's Twin Cities Bike Walk Week, which means the metro area is trying their darnedest to get you to leave that four-wheeled metal monstrosity in your garage and give two wheels or your own two feet a try.

And the best way to get people to do that? Give them free breakfasts, cheap booze and discounted Twins tickets. Smart!

Thursday is Bike Walk to Work Day, so don't miss out on all the sweet deals available to people who pledged to leave their car behind, at least for some free stuff.

There's a pretty good list of businesses offering free breakfasts Thursday morning, including Birchwood Cafe, Common Roots, Lucias, and several area bike shops. Check out the full list here.

Most will require you to have printed out a registration confirmation sheet on the Bike Walk Week site, so make sure to do that here.

If you are sweaty from your bike commute to downtown Minneapolis, the YMCA and YWCA are both offering commuters a free shower with proof of registration.

Bikers will also receive a $5 discount on their ticket to the 12:10 p.m. Twins game Thursday. To get the coupon, simply park your bike in the secured bike corral located on the corner of Park Avenue and 4th Street, in front of the Metrodome Plaza. The area will open one hour before the game starts. If you can't make it to this Twins game, check out the other upcoming games with a similar deal.

After work, check out a good list of places to get cheap booze, snacks, and dinner. Just scroll down past the breakfast offerings.

Bike away!