Suspicious canisters set off bomb scare on University Avenue

Sept. 11 is epic bad timing for a bomb scare.
Sept. 11 is epic bad timing for a bomb scare.
Photo: pusgums

Sept. 11 is a weird day to find something that looks a lot like a bomb in an unattended piece of luggage.

On Saturday, two University of Minnesota students were waiting at a bus stop near the corner of University Avenue and Berry Street when they found the case. One opened it, discovering three Ninja Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze-style metallic cylinders.

St. Paul's bomb squad sent in the explosive-handling robots to investigate. The operation shut down University Avenue for three hours and, as KSAX reports, trapped some unfortunate Dunn Bros patrons in the coffee shop for an hour and a half.

As it turns out, the suitcase was not a bomb. It was in fact optics used in surveying, possibly circa World War II. Of course!

So, if you lost your 70-year-old surveying equipment while waiting for the 16, you really screwed up the day for a lot of people.

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