Suspicious bags shut down baggage claim at MSP Airport

A bag lady gone bad partially shuts down MSP Airport.
A bag lady gone bad partially shuts down MSP Airport.
Photo: kozumel

Everyone hates the new baggage fees on commercial airlines. But did one woman hate them enough to cause a bomb scare?

At 12:30pm, three bags found unattended on carousel number 8 at Lindbergh Terminal caused a partial shutdown of the baggage claim area.

About two hours and a Bloomington Police bomb squad investigation later, it was determined that the luggage was harmless. Things went back to baggage as usual.

Pointless shutdowns are nothing new for the airport. But at least one theory has it that the luggage was left by a passenger incensed by her airline's baggage fees. Instead of ponying up the $150 or so it would cost to check them, she supposedly dumped them on the baggage carousel for some poor, abused friend to pick up for her.

Problem is, that's illegal, according to airport spokesperson Melissa Scovronski. And though she wasn't sure what the bag lady's motives were, airport cops know who she is. They identified her by watching the closed circuit television tapes. "We'll be pressing charges," says Scovronski.

KSTP reported that the light travelin' lady will be met by police when she lands at her as-yet undisclosed location.

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