Susan Mwarabu guilty of channeling Mike Tyson

Northfield 6th grade teacher Susan Mukuhi Mwarabu, 30, of Rochester, pleaded guilty in Ramsey County District Court to third-degree felony assault yesterday, following a Mike Tyson moment last month at the Uptowner cafe in St. Paul in which she bit off a piece of someone's ear and most likely swallowed it.

Check out this weird scene:

Mwarabu then approached the friend who made the comment and "leaned down, licked his face and appeared as if she was going to throw up," the complaint said. The friend gently pushed her away.

Mwarabu then leaned toward C.R.H. and licked his ear. C.R.H. "moved her back from him," according to the complaint, but Mwarabu leaned in again and bit off part of his ear.

Mwarabu's friends asked C.R.H., who was now bleeding, if he was OK. "He was in shock," the complaint said.

As they left, one of C.R.H.'s friends told police, he saw Mwarabu pick up the piece of C.R.H.'s ear from the floor and put it in her mouth, according to the complaint.

Mwarabu is fre ahead of her sentencing in May.

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