Susan Giefer's child care license revoked


The ongoing saga of Jeremy Giefer has been chock-full of disturbing revelations.

First came the charges that he repeatedly raped his young daughter over a period of years. Then the news that during this same period he successfully applied to have his previous record as a sex offender from Governor Pawlenty and his Board of Pardons.

But worst of all was the discovery that his wife Susan--the mother of his alleged victim, and also the woman he was sentenced for statutorily raping--was running a family day care center next door to their home the whole time. [jump]

Particularly concerning was the fact that it took a solid two weeks between the time the Department of Human Services, which licenses child care facilities, was notified of Giefer's latest alleged sexual abuse and the time the department finally issued a temporary suspension of the Susan Giefer's license.

This week, that temporary suspension became permanent. On Tuesday, the Department of Human Services formally revoked Susan Giefer's family child care license. The Order of Revocation, signed by DHS Licensing supervisor Mary Kelsey, cites the relevant statutory authority before arriving at this particularly damning paragraph:

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