Susan Gaertner endorses Matt Entenza for governor

So much for the sisterhood.

When DFLer Susan Gaertner dropped out of the governor's race, she said that one of her reasons was to try and clear a path for rival Margaret Anderson Keliher to make some history.

"This is the closest Minnesota has yet to come to electing a female governor," she told reporters the day she withdrew. "That would be history-making."

But politics, like money, changes everything. Today, Gaertner threw her endorsement to Matt Entenza instead.

Here's the press release sent by Jeremy Drucker at Entenza for Governor:

Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner Endorses Matt Entenza for Governor

St. Paul-Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner today endorsed Matt Entenza for governor. The pair made the announcement at the Capitol and held an availability afterward answering questions. Gaertner spent over six months traveling the state and participating in multiple forums with other DFL candidates. Her message was centered on education and a balanced approach to solving the challenges facing the state. She exited the race in late April so as not to distract from the candidacy of the DFL-endorsed candidate, however she did so without endorsing the candidate herself.

"I am honored to receive Susan's endorsement," said Entenza. "For the last sixteen years she has been one of Minnesota's finest public servants. She is smart and tough, and imbued with a sense of justice and fairness that reflects the very best of our legal tradition. As a gubernatorial candidate traveling the state Susan's was a refreshing and honest voice in forum after forum. She added much needed depth and perspective to the race. I am truly privileged to have her support and look forward to working with her to make a fairer and more equal state."

"During my campaign for governor and throughout my years of public service I have had the great fortune of getting to know these fine candidates very well," said Gaertner. "However Matt is the most impressive of them all. Not only does he have the clearest vision and the most well thought out education and economic plans, but his discipline and focus make him the most likely to deliver. Now more than ever Minnesotans need a strong progressive leader who can achieve results, and Matt Entenza is that leader."

Susan Gaertner has served as Ramsey County Attorney since 1994. Over the course of her career, Gaertner has been a leader in the fight against methamphetamines and domestic abuse. She is a nationally-recognized expert on DNA forensic evidence and was the first prosecutor in Minnesota to present DNA evidence to a jury. Gaertner is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Duluth and the University of Minnesota Law School. She has received numerous state and national awards for her excellence as a prosecutor and was named Attorney of the Year in Minnesota in 2003. In 2010 she was a candidate for governor.

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