Susan Boyle, George Bush, Frida Kahlo - The Unibrow Hall of Fame


Police are looking for a man with a Unibrow who robbed a Minneapolis Walgreen's. Don't confuse him with these other famous Unibrows.

1. Emanuel Mayben - NCAA Unibrow
This Binghamton Bearcats player seems to be using drugs to escape his nightmarish eyebrow reality.

2. Susan Boyle - Britain's Got Unibrow
They cleaned her up for the final, but Boyle rocks a serious unibrow during her head-turning try-out.

3. Madonna's Daughter - Lourdes Of The Unibrow
The Material Girl apparently couldn't afford tweezers for her daughter.

4. Bill Berry - REM Drumming Unibrow
Rumor has it "Everybody Hurts" was about his monobrow.

5. Frankenstein - Reanimated Unibrow
If you're going to make somebody out of dead parts, make sure the head has a unibrow.

6. Frida Kahlo - Masterpiece Unibrow
If only she handled the tweezers as skillfully as she did the paintbrush.

7. Wally  Moon - Most Valuable Unibrow
Legend has it this Los Angeles Dodger could spot fast balls better thanks to his natural hair visor.

8. Bert - Puppetry of the Unibrow
Jim Hensen saved money and time by only giving Bert one long eyebrow.

9. Salizhan Sharipov - Out Of This World Unibrow
This Russian cosmonaut has no space between his eyebrows.

10. George W. Bush - Presidential Unibrow
Dubya rocked a unibrow at Harvard.

By popular demand, we offer this special bonus track, featuring the brothers who made the unibrow England's hottest export since the Beatles ...

11. Noel and Liam Gallagher -- Los Bros Unibrow

The bratty brit brothers could agree on only one thing: Brow, singular.