Survey reveals Minneapolis one of the least stressful cities in U.S.

 If you're sitting at your computer right now clawing your eyes out in a vain attempt to forget the myriad tasks, bills, obligations, etc. conspiring to crush your troubled soul, now might be a good time to take consolation that, hey, it could be worse.

That is, if there's any merit to a study released this week by marketing research outfit Harris Interactive. In a stress-assessing survey of 25 cities, Minneapolis came in 19th. Or, put another way, Minneapolitans are the 7th least stressed out urban dwellers in the country. Surveyors reached this conclusion after calling 1,500 people between Sept. 24 and Oct. 1.

Most stressed? That'd be Chicago, followed by Houston, Boston, and Los Angeles.

Things take a turn for the counterintuitive with the "least stressed" cities. Miami tops the list, along with Dallas(?!), Las Vegas(!?), and Cincinnati(??).