Survey: Half of U.S. aware we hosted the Super Bowl, 37 percent think we looked cool


Is she jumping for joy because Minneapolis is oh so great? Possibly! AP

Most of the U.S. is aware Minneapolis hosted the Super Bowl on February 4, according to a new survey. Published Monday by American Public Media Research Lab, "Public Impressions of Minneapolis in the Wake of the 2018 Super Bowl" includes three main questions that were posed to 973 non-Minnesotans: 

  • Can you name the Super Bowl host city? If not, how about the state? (Fifty-four percent could; 46 percent could not.)
  • Based on media coverage of the Super Bowl, are you more or less likely to view Minneapolis as a desirable place to visit? (Thirty-seven percent said "more likely"; 29 percent said "less likely"; 27 percent said "media coverage doesn't matter"; 11 percent said "don't know"). 
  • What's your main reason for saying that? (We'll get into those below.) 

Among the "more likely" respondents, the top three reasons included favorable media coverage (20 percent), familiarity with the area (19 percent), and favorable attributes associated with the area (16 percent). Here's why people liked us, according to anonymous survey participants: 

  • "The news coverage was favorable. The place is very nice. I want to go there." (Awww, you're welcome here anytime.)
  • "The images they showed of the city were nice." (*BLUSHES*) 
  • "If they held the Super Bowl there, there has to be something cool about the place." (... sure!) 
  • "I have worked at a company in Minneapolis for many years. I have been in the city. I enjoyed the weather and their arts. It is also a friendly and clean city." (This person sounds like a robot, but we love the cut of their jib.) 

Among the "less likely" respondents, the top reasons included personal reasons (45 percent), weather (31 percent), and unfavorable attributes associated with the area (12 percent). Here's why people didn't like us, according to anonymous survey participants: 

  • "I have already been there, so it doesn't really make any difference." (That sort of nihilism belongs in Wisconsin.)
  • "I don't travel that much." (Fair enough.) 
  • "It's because of my age." (At your age, gotta rest the ol' dogs! We understand.) 

Unsurprisingly, our ice-box climate continues to deter many, including these folks: 

  • "Minnesota is a winter town. It is cold." (A winter state, wise guy.) 
  • "I don't like the cold weather." (And it doesn't like you.) 
  • "Minneapolis is cold. The Super Bowl isn't going to change that." (It's actually been pretty mild since the Super Bowl...)

So, overall, people think we're pretty cool and extremely cold, and it only took untold mountains of cash to discover as much. For demographic-specific findings, read the entire APM survey here

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