Surprise, fear mongers! Survey says Muslims hate ISIS too

Still, one local Muslim leader says Islamophobia in Minnesota is on the rise.

Still, one local Muslim leader says Islamophobia in Minnesota is on the rise.

It seems odd that it would take a favorability poll to determine how people feel about a group responsible for killing thousands of innocent people. Then again, Donald Trump has a legit shot at being the next Leader of the Free World. Welcome to politics in 2015.

Contrary to vomitus rhetoric, a new survey shows most Muslims think ISIS sucks. The Pew Research Center polled 11 countries with high Muslim populations, asking residents if they had a favorable or unfavorable view of the group behind the recent Paris attacks. In Lebanon, the most extreme example, nearly 100 percent of Muslims believe they're assholes. 

“It’s an unfortunate thing that in today’s world we’re still answering the same question,” says Jaylani Hussein, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) Minnesota chapter.

More than a decade after the same conversations surrounded Al Qaeda, he says a deluge of fear-rooted misinformation continues. In Minnesota, Hussein’s noticed a recent uptick in hate crimes and discrimination toward Muslims, pointing to the initial resistance to a mosque in St. Anthony and a cemetery in Castle Rock Township, respectively. Then there was the assault on a Muslim woman in a Coon Rapids Applebee’s because she wasn’t speaking English.

Hussein also says there has been an organized effort to disrupt CAIR events, which are aimed at fostering understanding and acceptance of Islam in Minnesota.

Hussein sees a double standard in how we condemn terroristic attacks, noting that when white racist Dylann Roof killed nine people in a black church, the FBI declined to label it terrorism.

“After that white churches didn’t put out press releases saying 'This is not who we are, this is not our faith ... ' – no,” he says. “So, this idea that an entire faith of 1.7 billion people ... now have to respond to every nutjob who wants to kill people, now we have to explain to people that our religion is not that.”

Despite the outlier Pakistanis, 62 percent of whom said they were unsure how they felt about ISIS, maybe rhetorical flamethrowers will see Pew’s survey and think hey, maybe Muslims won’t eat my kids – a line that Hussein has actually heard.

Then again maybe not.

“Anything can be twisted to your predisposed stereotypes,” he says.