Surly Steamroller: finally, a color to love.

The quirky local company is known for offering such awesomeness as different sized cranks, stretched out cargo bikes, and mountain bikes with monster tires. But their color palette remains a puzzle. At times, it seems like their color department turns to the compost bin for inspiration.

And cycling fans who appreciate the solid rides they kick out with low price tags just live with such colors as puke green, Boston bean-baked maroon, and turd brown.

Now, there's been highlights, like the Kermit the Frog green and sky blue colors that graced the Long Haul. But it seems like the company almost asks their customers to join in on some sort of inside joke with the color choices.

For fickle fashion first hipsters (FFFHs), this poses a dilemma. It's tough to ride around on something ugly and own it. And no combination of Oury grips seem to match well with any Surly bike-- unless you count their black frames. And this makes said cultural group unhappy, like the time they didn't have enough money to buy that first edition copy of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.

But just when FFFHs were about to dump Surly for the hot Italian EAI Bareknuckle, Surly comes out with the Creamroller. It's bland as oatmeal, and sexy as hell.


CP talked with a local colorist to find out what this frame and color choice means. (the colorist asked to remain nameless)

-Plain colors sell well during economic depressions. They are long lasting. And while not the hottest looking colors, will live through fashion cycle after fashion cycle. -They did a wonderful job of popping out the cream color with the use of black wheels. The contrast increases the brightness of the cream. -It represents our heritage as Scandinavian carpenters. This and the other bikes represent a palette for the practical minded nature of Minnesotans.

But screw practicalities, this Steamroller is spooge hot.