Surly Bicycle: a swan appears!


Last December, the folks over at Surly Bicycles lived up to their name. After posting an ode to beauty, they responded with a solid embrace of all things ugly. But then we came across a bicycle that was reportedly found deep within Surly Headquarters. It's purdy. Real Purdy. 

This hyperlink will take to the gorgeous celeste green Surly Travelor's Check.

After gazing at the bicycle with an Elaine Scarry color selection, remember these words from Surly's own Kenny Bloggins:

We don't make stuff with the intent that it will color-coordinate with your ensemble, apartment, townhome, condo, car, or lifestyle. We are not obsessed by the design ethic of Smeg, Wolf, or Apple. Rather we offer bikes and bike stuff by and for people who ride bikes. If you like the color, great. And if you don't we assume you're a big enough person to get past such niggling detail or else have the thing painted some shade of Personal Expression Of Good Taste. 

Oh, Ugly. We love you better than the transient tastes of myopic hipsters and retrogrouches alike because you are real. And low maintenance.

Mr. Bloggins, it appears you have a traitor in your midst. Find him, or her, and purge them of this beautiful colored bicycle. This blog is not against Surly (disclaimer: rode a Surly from Portland to San Francisco and will back their frames for life) just against housing that beautiful bicycle among the uglies.

Beauty needs to roam free. Let that Travelor's Check go!