Supply, demand, and the very high cost of building tiny apartments

It may be small, but at least it's expensive.

It may be small, but at least it's expensive. Tomas Quinones

Reader Kyle D. Jemtrud responds to Tiny apartments are invading Minneapolis, one $1,000 rent check at a time:

To everyone complaining about the cost of these: What you need to understand is that the cost of construction is very high in multifamily buidlings.

Even though they're small, you still need to build in a bathroom, a kitchen, and all the stuff you need in a bigger unit. Those are fixed costs. They're creating these to make units to help people afford to live in the city. Larger units are $500-$600 more than these, just so the developers can get a return on their investment.

If living in the city is too expensive for your budget, there are many other options in the suburbs. Urban living isn't cheap in any major city. Complaining about the costs doesn't change the basic economics of cost to the owner that ultimately gets passed down to the renter.