Super Bowl 52 is coming to Minneapolis [UPDATE]

Super Bowl 52 is coming to Minneapolis [UPDATE]

:::: UPDATE (May 20) :::: Super Bowl 52 is coming to Minneapolis! Today, during the second round of balloting, the NFL owners gave the Vikings a measure of revenge for the 2009 NFC Championship Game by awarding 2018's biggest game to Minneapolis instead of New Orleans (Indianapolis was eliminated during the first round of voting). We guess the logo did the trick after all! 

:::: UPDATE II :::: Minneapolis wins the Super Bowl (sort of): Top tweets

(Original post) -- Tomorrow, Minnesota's Super Bowl 52 delegation, headed by U.S. Bank CEO Richard Davis, will make its pitch to NFL owners in hopes of bringing Super Bowl 52 to Minneapolis in 2018.

Ahead of the pitch, the Minnesota delegation released its official Super Bowl logo. It's at the top of this page, and will probably confuse the hell out of you unless you realize two things -- first, LII is the roman numeral for 52, and second, the logo is meant to look like the new Vikings stadium.

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Minneapolis's Super Bowl drive could bring in more than $300 million, officials say

Here's a side-by-side comparison:

Super Bowl 52 is coming to Minneapolis [UPDATE]

Minneapolis is one of three finalists for the big game, along with Indianapolis and New Orleans.

The 32 NFL owners will vote on which city will host the game immediately after the pitches are complete, so we won't have to wait long to find out whether Minneapolis will reap the benefit of the $300 million Super Bowl 52 is estimated to bring in. (For comparison, taxpayers are on the hook to pay $478 million of the roughly $1 billion stadium cost.)

So the Super Bowl logo is designed to look like the new stadium, which some say looks like a certain NSFW part of the female anatomy. (Unless you're a gynecologist...) Draw your own conclusions!

:::: UPDATE ::::

We'll just leave this here...

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