Sun Country's hometown owners were just as soulless as the new ones

We seem to be forgetting the many sins of the Davis boys.

We seem to be forgetting the many sins of the Davis boys. Tomás Del Coro

Reader Geoffrey Johannsen responds to Stop thinking of Sun Country as a Minnesota airline. Or one with a soul:

No doubt Sun Country is no longer the home town wings and we're worse off for the slick soulless moves of its new southern-states execs. But anyone who decries the new owners relationship with this shitty president, while calling the Davis boys "notoriously likable," has ulterior motives.

Guess we've forgiven Marty for hosting a Trump rally at Sun Country. Or his rotund, blank-eyed stooge appearance with Trump as he shafted a few million citizens .

It's certainly 'home town' to forgive Davis's sticky support of animal-fondling Jimmy John, his saccharine Trump love, or even his penchant for hiring bubbly blondes so long as they could mumble a 'you betcha' and wax misty-eyed about their mom's hotdish.

Yup, Sun Country will undoubtedly lose its way and become as shitty as Allegiant or -- heaven forbid --Spirit. But it won't be because Davis no longer owns it.