Summit's troubles stem from being the Coldplay of Minnesota beers


The problem's not oversaturation of the designer beer market, says reader. It's that Summit can't keep up with the other guys. Bruce Bisping

Reader Sue Bush responds to After cutting back distribution earlier this year, Summit announces layoffs:

I'm sorry, but the only reason why they're hurting is because they have actual craft beer competition in the area.

For too long they we're the only option in St. Paul and now that is far from the case. Their brews are obvious, middling, and with very little character or personality. They are the Coldplay of Minnesota craft breweries: aggressively mediocre.

They need to step it up or they won't be around long. Look at what Fair State, Indeed, and Dangerous Man are doing! Summit is a dinosaur and the Surly law was Summit's extinction event.

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