Summer Guide

Allen Beaulieu

Ah, summer. Whenever we make a list of five or six favorite seasons, the one associated with such popular months as June, July, and August always performs with distinction, right up there in the Top Three. In fact there are those among us who would prefer that summer repeat itself over and over in some kind of dangerous Elysian loop, and those are the people who sometimes move to California, where they will be unhappy and not get to attend Lumberjack Days. Now that you've read every word of the imagined liner notes to the K-tel collection of our provincial dreams (see "Minnesota's 50 Greatest Hits"), you should be primed for our giant list of things to do this summer. We start with all the big concerts happening through Labor Day, with a few singled out for extra attention. You'll also find info on area petting zoos and nudist clubs--not the same thing, we remind you--beaches, swimming pools, sports clubs, golf courses both mini and maxi, hiking trails, farmers' markets, and more. Want to take scuba lessons or pick strawberries? We can help you there, too. Want to pick strawberries and eat them at the Aesop Rock show with some of your new friends from the nudist club? Hey, anything's possible, though we might also direct you to our personals section.

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