Suit alleging payments to Coleman delayed

Norm Coleman gets to stress about one lawsuit at a time. First try to win reelection and second hope his career isn't destroyed by the next. The suit alleging that Coleman's friend and donor Nasser Kazeminy tried to funnel money to his family has been delayed 60 days by a Texas judge. We first reported on the delay request in January.

More from the Associated Press:
Attorneys representing Deep Marine Technology Inc. sought the two-month delay in the lawsuit by the company's former CEO, Paul McKim. They want more time for an investigation commissioned by the company's board. 
Among other things, McKim alleges that Coleman donor Nasser Kazeminy sought to funnel $75,000 to the Minnesota Republican through a Minneapolis-based insurance firm where Coleman's wife works. Kazeminy is a shareholder in the Texas company. 
Kazeminy and Coleman both deny the allegation. Coleman is not a party in the lawsuit.