Subway's food waste is 'horrible'

My son worked at Subway for a brief time about two years ago. The policy at the store he worked at was that all unused bread from that day was to be thrown out at closing time. It could not even be brought home.

All had to go into the dumpster, and if you were caught taking it home you would be immediately fired. I remember one time when they got a call telling them to prepare for four buses full of out-of-town high school kids that had a meeting of some sort at our local school. Well, they baked a ton of bread in preparation. Only about a quarter of the students ended up going to Subway, and the others chose to go to various other places to eat that were close by.

They ended up throwing out what amounted to almost an average day's worth of bread. My son at the time was just your normal teen, more into saving for his first car than thinking about hunger and food waste... but he came home that night obviously upset, and with a new realization of the issues in this world. It seemed so illogical to him that he was throwing out perfectly good food that hours ago he just baked. The waste was wrong. The policy made no sense.

He did mention this to his manager but basically was told "just do your job." Don’t think, follow the rules or be fired... and if you can't do it, then quit. That was that. He totally lost respect for his employer and began looking for another job, which he got soon after.

It's a horrible, wasteful policy. Not only because it could feed the hungry, but food waste is a huge issue for environmental reasons also. So much good for people and for the environment could come from donating the bread.