Subversive on the Set?

A local TV news blog that's too good to believe

Okay, not so awesome you'll drop your bookmark for Slate or anything, but KARE-11's Scott Goldberg's new blog seems good enough to put in your queue. Provisionally, anyhow: The early entries were way heavy on "tune in tonight for an interesting segment on hockey pucks"--doubtless a consultant's idea of how TV personalities ought to use the web to build relationships with viewers. But about four posts ago Scott, whose bio includes some heavy reportorial bona fides, seemed to veer off the snappy-banter track and into the realm of the truly interesting.

Scott's top post urges viewers to read a newspaper. Two posts down, he pokes the beast even closer to where it hurts:

The weather. What you're about to read is strictly my opinion.

Is it just me, or are we (the media) absolutely freaking out about this? I don't get it. Just yesterday, we were telling you to get ready to live in a nuclear oven and don't expect any rain anytime soon.

Tonight, it's raining.

So if you were listening to us, you would have thought your garden (and possibly your family) was heading toward certain death in the next couple of days.

I suppose it's still possible that we're going to see some heat indices of 100 or even 105 degrees over the weekend. And, of course, that means you should take precautions to keep yourself and your family from overheating and/or getting sick.

But isn't this July? Don't we expect this?

Don't all of these stories about hot weather in the summer and cold weather in the winter start to make us look kind of silly?

Yes. If you ask me.

Two posts below that is a roundup of protest music links. And everything in between is literate and occasionally witty. Pay Scott a visit before the something accidentally prompts the consultants to do a little homework for a change.