Suburban sex offender madness

class=img_thumbleft> The Pioneer Press ran a

front-page story

last week highlighting the threat posed by convicted sex offender

John Jeremy Queen

. The 26-year-old Apple Valley resident, who is required to keep the authorities updated on his whereabouts, had not been heard from in roughly two months.

The Pioneer Press noted that Queen is "considered one of the most dangerous sex offenders in Dakota County," and pointed out that his last known residence was less than a half mile from Apple Valley High School. Queen has a history of sexually assaulting juvenile females, including a 1997 conviction for attempted first degree criminal sexual conduct.

According to the Department of Corrections, Queen is one of just two level three sex offenders whose last known address is in Dakota County. And he's the only one in Apple Valley.

That's because the overwhelming majority of the state's most dangerous sexual predators reside in the inner city. Of the state's 87 level three offenders not currently incarcerated, 50 of them live in Minneapolis, while another 17 call St. Paul home.

And they go missing on a regular basis. According to the Hennepin County Attorney's office, 34 individuals have been charged with failing to register as a sex offender so far this year, while another seven such cases are currently under investigation. In Ramsey County, 29 people have been charged with failing to register.

In fact, according to the DOC, there are currently five level three sex offenders whose whereabouts are unknown. The last known address for one of these convicts was in St. Paul, while another last resided in Minneapolis.

Yet none of these individuals merited any mention in the Pioneer Press, let alone front-page treatment. Apparently sex offenders are more dangerous when they live in the 'burbs.

And oh yeah: Apple Valley residents can rest easy. As the next day's Pioneer Press reported, Queen turned himself in to authorities on the day that the story was published.

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