Study: Minnesotans among worst drivers, insist on doing it anyway

According to a study of bad driving, the first sign of something bad in this photo is the license plate.

According to a study of bad driving, the first sign of something bad in this photo is the license plate. David Joles, Star Tribune

Email your boss. 

Say you're not coming in to work today, for health reasons. Say you'd be happy to work from home, but that there is just no way you can justify getting out on the road this morning -- not if you have to share it with all the incomeptent maniacs who account for Minnesota's driving record.

A new study says Minnesota has the second-worst drivers in America, according to research from, the internet's leading source for wizard quotes. Our dubious claim ranks Minnesota behind only California, which dropped from second-worst in 2016 to dead last in the same survey. 

Minnesota's drop was much steeper: In 2016, we ranked 11th-worst; an uptick in "accidents, speeding, and citations" is blamed for our sudden fall toward the bottom of the list.

The rankings are based on quotewizard's own "incident data," which is then compared to Federal Highway Administration statistics. A state's landing spot is determined by "weighted incident totals" of accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, citations, and fatalities.

But is Minnesota really the state with the second-worst drivers... or are we just the second-worst state to drive in? Though our "brutal weather" gets a shout-out in the study's write-up, there's no adjustment for naturally occuring conditions like snow and ice that cover the roads for several months each year.

What's your excuse, California? 

Oh, right. You're high.

Rounding out the bottom five of bad driving are Utah, South Carolina, and Washington, which fell from ninth-worst last year to No. 5 this one. 

Among neighboring Midwesterner states, North Dakota (No. 10)  is the only state near Minnesota's lowly ranking: Wisconsin (No. 23), Iowa (No. 27), and South Dakota (No. 44) all fared fare better than we did. 

As for the "best" drivers, quotewizard ranks Rhode Island (No. 50), Florida (No. 49), Mississippi (48), Michigan (47), and Arkansas (46) as its five least-bad states. We'd encourage you to go check out how people drive in those states, maybe learn a thing or two, but according to these numbers you'd never make it with your car in one piece. Besides, once you get to Florida, you're ... in Florida

Finish up that email to your boss. Ask for a raise.