Students riot in Dinkytown, chant "F*** the Sioux!" after crazy Gophers hockey win [VIDEOS]

The scene in Dinkytown.

The scene in Dinkytown.

:::: UPDATE :::: Dinkytown riot: Top 10 photos

A unbelievable finish to last night's big hockey game led to wild times in Dinkytown.

In the Frozen Four semifinal, the Gophers men's hockey team bested archrival North Dakota by scoring a game-winning shorthanded goal with less than a second on the clock. Though the Gophers face Union College Saturday in the final, students took to the streets for a championship-caliber riot.

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First, here's video of the end of the game:

And here's a nice compilation of the Dinkytown rioting:

Here's one of students chanting, "F**** the Sioux!" (also featuring a unique crowd-surfing selfie):

Finally, here's one of students kicking and jumping on a police squad car:

Minneapolis Police Department spokesman John Elder tells us there were "less than a dozen arrests" connected with the rioting last night.

Elder says the MPD wasn't caught off guard by the craziness in Dinkytown, which resulted in damage to at least one police squad car. With regard to Saturday night's championship game, he says the MPD plans to have "the appropriate number of resources and contingency plans for anything that can come our way."

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