Student's cell phone suddenly explodes, burning his leg and causing classroom evacuation

A battery fire engulfed a Rochester student's pants.

A battery fire engulfed a Rochester student's pants.

Earlier today, a student at Kellogg Middle School in Rochester was injured when his cell phone suddenly combusted, burning his leg.

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The classroom where the incident occurred was evacuated, and in an audio message delivered to parents, Kellogg Principal Dwight Jennings asked them to monitor their children for sulfur poisoning.

[jump] Here's a partial transcript of Jennings's message (the audio was uploaded to the web by the Rochester Post Bulletin):

During our first hour class today, a student's cell phone battery exploded, catching fire. The battery actually burned a hole through the student's pants pocket, burning him on the leg, and left a burn mark on the floor of the hallway. The student received medical attention and hopefully will return to school very soon. [Jennings added that the classroom was evacuated.]

Windows in that classroom were opened to get smoke out and to let fresh air in and to try and dissipate the odor that was left by the burning battery. The incident however still left a lingering smell -- odor in the entire building. We have been advised by Mayo Clinic to advise parents to closely monitor their children for after-effects... Students reporting lingering burning sensation[s] in their throat should be seen by a medical doctor because of the burning sulfur in the battery.

Who knew a seemingly harmless cell phone was capable of causing so much damage and chaos?