Students can now send tattle texts to help report gun threats


The Minneapolis School District along with local law enforcement agencies is officially launching an anonymous tip line for youth that is run via text message to help prevent violence in schools. The service allows young people to report threats of violence or guns in their schools through text messages. It's the best version of tattle texting yet that might actually stop some suspected attacks. Just don't bother using it as a prank. Law enforcement doesn't appreciate targeting some innocent teen and shutting down schools just for the hell of it, so please use cautiously. 

The program is part of "Speak Up," which is created by PAX, a non-profit in New York. Students can now text or call in tips anonymously and professional crisis counselors respond to the tips and forward along to law enforcement and school districts if needed.

To text a tip, text MPLS to 847411. To call in a tip, dial 1-866-SPEAK-UP.

Check out the KSTP report below: