Student tries old trick to get out of class, fails miserably


A University of Minnesota student tried a really terrible old trick to get out of class. While she might have missed her class, she could spend some time dealing with her legal troubles for making up a false story about Somali men plotting to bomb campus buildings. Been tried, always fails. Now you face public embarrassment for trying a cheap trick and sounding racist. Congrats.

Anderson Hall and the Hubert H. Humphrey Center on the University's West Bank were both evacuated this morning for more than an hour after the 19-year-old white student made the claim, according to the Star Tribune.

Once the threat was determined not to be credible, inspections of the buildings were halted and they were reopened about 8:30 a.m., Wolter said.

"After confronting her about the discrepancies in her story, she eventually confessed to making the story up," he said. "My understanding is [she lied] to get out of going to class."

The student, who is white and 19 years old, described the people she overheard as "three Somali males" who also had classes this morning in those buildings, said University Police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner.

"Obviously, there are issues about that, using them as the bad guys," Miner said, adding that the student's identification was being withheld until her arrest.

Well college is all about making mistakes and learning from them right?