Strip Tease: Don't worry, it's for the needy

Much to the dismay of local religious and non profit groups, Virgin Mobile has presented a new way to help the homeless: Get Naked on the Internet.

Well sort of. Full on nudity isn't allowed.

Cell phone company extraordinare teamed up with the National Network For Youth in Washington, D.C. and other charities asking young people to post videos of themselves stripping on U-Tube. In exchange clothing companies would provide donations of new clothes based the number of clicks each video got.

The truth is someone out there needs clothes more than you do. And the logic is pretty simple: take "the shirt off your back" so we can put clothing on theirs. By making your video, you not only help us generate thousands of items of new clothing as well as awareness of the issue among U.S. citizens, you also send a message to the million homeless kids out there: hey, we’re aware of your situation, we care and we want to help.

Even though they remain on the website as one the campaign's key advertisers, NN4Y is reconsidering its stance after "Catholic Charities and other outraged groups in Minnesota and across the country complained that the effort is inappropriate and exploits young people." The Strib reports:

"It was a shock to everybody," said Trudee Able-Peterson, coordinator of outreach services at StreetWorks, a Twin Cities collaborative of outreach programs. "This is the message we send kids? That my granddaughter, who's 17, should strip to provide clothes for other kids?"

Rebecca Lentz, a spokeswoman for Catholic Charities, called it "distasteful and inappropriate and exploitative."

But, think of the needy...

To help keep all Americans clothed and support teenage soft core porn, click here.

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