Strip club owner charged, gift card bankruptcy, knighted professors


Tuesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp: 

Strip club owner's lucrative ATM no more
Our favorite strip club owner, Larry Kladek, is back to deal with his classic fraud charge. Kladek runs King of Diamonds and he is "charged in federal court with evading income taxes through an ATM machine allegedly rigged to pump about $2 million into a secret bank account over several years." He is accused of using that money to buy investments and his $6 million home.

Don't give gift cards for failing businesses 
Kind of a "no-duh" reminder, but good nonetheless. If you give a gift card to someone for the holidays and the business goes under, your gift is useless. In other words, don't give gift cards for any place that's been in trouble recently. You might contribute to their eventual collapse, but at least you still have your $20. 

Your tax dollars hard at work: Attorney Julie Delgado-O'Neil is suing her own Minneapolis city attorney's office for several civil rights complaints related to her workplace. Delgado-O'Neil, who is Latino, said white lawyers were promoted ahead og her and she had to sit in a row of desks called "minority row". She won a complaint in 2006 and the office allegedly held a grudge against her. 

This sounds completely ridiculous, but it's true. Holly Zimmerman-Le Voir, director of the learning abroad program, and history professor Carla Phillips will receive the honor from the Spanish ambassador to the U.S., Jorge Dezcallar, on behalf of King Juan Carlos. 

Gov. Tim Pawlenty will be proposing some major changes to the state's budget sometime after he receives the forecast next week. Legislative fiscal analysts warned of a $4 billion shortfall for the next two years.