Strib's site is stickiest among country's newspapers

Darkest before the dawn department? Possible. The Star Tribune the newspaper site readers spend the most time visiting, with the average surfer cresting 30 minutes on the site.

Even the Grey Lady can't compete with the Strib's online juggernaut, reports Editor & Publisher:

The Star Tribune in Minneapolis was the number one paper out of the top 30 with the highest average of time spent per person in June at 30:18. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel followed by the Houston Chronicle were the next two on the list with next highest averages. The New York Times clocked in at an even 29 minutes.

About half of the top 30 marked a time increase, with only the Wall Street Journal and, interestingly, the Chicago Tribune, hemorrhaging reader time.

With the journalism economy the way it is and a notable struggle making numbers work, the Strib is a high-profile target for critics. Don't let this distract you from the paper's strengths in talent, in brand equity and in online presence. Translating that into a healthy balance sheet is a different matter -- but readers still like it.

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