Strib's Sid Hartmann one of Madoff's 400 Minnesota victims

Thursday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp: 

A new list made public today shows nearly 400 Minnesotans or organizations who lost money when they invested with Bernard Madoff. He's accused of running a multibillion Ponzi scheme that collapsed last year. One of the victims we know too well: Star Tribune columnist Sid Hartman.

Metro Transit: Sorry our driver took a nap while you lost feeling in your toes 
Metro Transit is apologizing after one of their bus driver's refused to let passengers board a bus in Oakdale for 20 minutes while he took a nap. 

When a suspected car thief who was fleeing police in north Minneapolis decided to speed toward officers, police shot and killed him. 

The Minnesota Zoo is cautiously optimistic about the upcoming birth of a dolphin calf. It would be the first birth since the program suffered several deaths in 2006. The zoo hopes to start rebuilding their dolphin program, fingers crossed. 

While the U.S. House just voted to delay the transition from analog to digital TV signals on American TV, some stations don't seem to care. Many will transition before the new June deadline. Talk about confusing and pissing off your customers who thought they had four months to get a converter box.