Strib's Lileks is ticked off on Election Day


We now know Star Tribune columnist Jim Lileks for his amazingly unfunny videos at Starbucks, Sonic and Walker mini-golf, but he is also a raging political commentator too.

He is, how do we say this, annoyed by the way things are shaking out on Election Day.

His biggest problem with voters? A very old nun voting for Barack Obama. What has this world come to?

If you can’t trust a 106-year-old nun to be opposed pro-life, then all bets are off. Then again, it’s possible she doesn’t know which candidate takes a harder line on abortion, and which one would be inclined to vote “present” on a bill that allows doctors to perform third-trimester terminations “for the health, or mood, or overdue parking meter status, of the mother.”

Check out his blog for more rants and video of the nice old nun.

He's also mad at David Byrne because he doesn't like McCain. Anger! Anger!


via Village Voice