Strib uses dwindling reporting resources to interview talking dogs


The headline for this post probably sounds like a joke, but we aren't kidding. You can see it for yourself. Even as the Star Tribune slashes their newsroom of precious reporting resources, their reporters are producing video clips where they interview dogs that magically have the voices of humans. The paper filed for bankruptcy earlier this month.

Funny? Not really. Playing to the lowest common denominator? Definitely.

The video is of Connie Nelson interviewing a Portuguese water dog and a labradoodle. The two breeds are on the top of the list for the White House First Dog. Nelson "finds" these two dogs at home and pretend-interviews them about their qualifications that make them the best First Dog choice. They answer her with human "dog personality sounding" voices.

Our description wouldn't even do it justice, so watch the full clip here. Prepare to witness some jaw-dropping reportage. Where do we sign up for that gig?