Strib to drivers: Drop dead

Next stop: Rock bottom.

Next stop: Rock bottom.

The sad, continuing farce that is the Star Tribune's bankruptcy has reached a new low: the newspaper has sued its own employees to try to break a contract.

Yesterday, the newspaper filed suit against Teamsters Local 638 drivers so that it can wriggle out of its obligation to pay the pension of the loyal workers who have long distributed the product.

How does Publisher Chris Harte defend this action? He pulls out his pockets and cries, "We're broke!"

Publisher Chris Harte said in a statement the company no longer can afford what he termed the skyrocketing cost and the liabilities of the pension. "Over the past few months, we have attempted to reach agreement with the fleet," he said. "We have made substantial progress but are unable to agree on pension related issues. We are now seeking the help of the bankruptcy court to resolve these issues."
If this was any other business, the editorial page would be crying foul. What's next, suing readers?