Strib reporters respond to Coleman's ambush claim


In a WCCO interview with Esme Murphy we reported about this morning, Norm Coleman accused two Star Tribune reporters of inappropriately ambushing him at a campaign stop to ask him about two lawsuits associated with him and a close friend.

The two reporters responded to this claim, saying they were misrepresented by Coleman during the interview.

MinnPost has their email response. Here is an excerpt:

First, Esme Murphy is to be commended for correcting Sen. Coleman's claims that we inserted ourselves into a campaign ad that aired showing us trying to ask him questions regarding the lawsuit. We made every attempt to have a "conversation," as the senator put it, but we were continually stonewalled by his staff in the days prior to our attempt to talk to him during his campaign stop in St. Cloud. You have to remember the last thing we would want to do, given the nature of our work, is to ask these questions in public because we had this exclusively and didn't want to alert other reporters. When we got to work on the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 29th, there were no messages or emails -- not even a no comment -- from Coleman' staff.
Their attempts are much more detailed. Read the full account here.

We hope Coleman will clarify his comments as many of his claims are false. If reporters make a legitimate effort to get comment on an issue, you can't call their public questions an ambush. They knew full well what the Strib was after and chose not to answer.