Strib cuts reader's rep position

In a bold move to eliminate as many full-time positions as possible incubate a first-class health care reporting team, Strib editor Nancy Barnes announced today that Kate Parry, the paper's ombudsman for the last three years, will be taking over as health care editor.

And replacing Parry? Well, no one. At least not for now. According to the newsroom memo, the reader's rep job will, if it gets filled at all, likely be part-time.

OK, Nancy, fine. But really: any newspaper bigwig with half a brain could come up with offing a full-time position by shortchanging reader concerns. It's too easy. If you're truly dedicated to the goal of churning out award-winning copy on the cheap, why not throw down the gauntlet? Why not eliminate health care bennies for everyone on the vaunted new health care team?

Think of the stories of woe just waiting to be told, and in a narrative style your readers will love! And at such a savings!

Oh, the union might grumble, but fuck 'em. Just say it's either that or the whole unit's axed.