Strib columnists Coleman and Kersten to lose columns

There could be a bright side to all of this Star Tribune mess: No more Katherine Kersten to strike fear into Minnesotans about everything and everyone around them.

Star Tribune columnists Katherine Kersten and Nick Coleman might get the boot, at least from their opinionated columns, according to sources and a memo acquired by MinnPost

While people on both sides of the aisle view Coleman or Kersten as lightning-rod writers, they might still be sticking around the newsroom to write unbiased stories. The Strib could keep them around just so extremists on both sides have something to complain about. 


MinnPost's David Brauer says they might have the option to stay on as reporters. Wouldn't that be a riot? Kersten's lack of real reporting experience would prove a new level of credibility in a depleted newsroom. Would they really save Kersten and dump one of their veterans?

More from MinnPost:
According to a buyout memo released this afternoon and newsroom sources, Nick Coleman and Katherine Kersten will lose their columns, though they may be able to remain at the paper as reporters.
Another columnist will get cut too, MinnPost says. The memo calls for a cut of "up to three" metro columnists (Lileks? CJ?) and "up to one" editorial cartoonist (Steve Sack). Where else are they looking to cut? Up to two reporters/editorial writers and up to three photographers/videographers.

Any takers?