Strib columnist C.J. sees Viking dong all the time, but not Franken's


Dead Spin can't seem to get enough of this Minnesota Vikings penis slippage. Well, neither can we.

They were so intrigued by the only interview with said-flasher Visanthe Shiancoe that they tracked down the Star Tribune's gossip columnist to hear more about her adventures in Minneapolis with other local celebs.

What do we learn? C.J. sees Viking penis so much it doesn't even excite her anymore. How depressing.

Photo courtesy of Minnesota Monthly

More from Dead Spin's interview:

"A couple of years ago, a Vikings knucklehead whose name I will not mention took great delight in following me around the locker room naked," said C.J., who talked with me by phone on Monday. "He would go out of his way, it seemed, to strip right in front of me. He did that repeatedly. There's something about football players; they don't mind being naked in front of people. I've seen so much of it that it's become very clinical. It's nothing I get excited about when I see it in that setting."

C.J. -- that's her handle, she never uses her real name -- had "just looked at an unedited version of the YouTube video" before heading out to Trocaderos to cover Darren Sharper's birthday celebration.


"That's when I happened to see Shianco piling out of a limousine," she said. "I opened by telling him that Fox had apologized for putting him on the air like that. He hadn't known that. Then he said 'At least I hadn't just got out the pool.' It was fun, because usually when I'm out at parties like that I'm reporting on athletes getting into trouble."

One of her other big topics as of late is the Norm Coleman and Al Franken Senate recount.

Unfortunately she hasn't caught Franken with his pants down. No word on Coleman however.

And writing about Al Franken's senate race against Norm Coleman, which is in a recount and still hasn't been decided, has also been fun.

"At least I've never seen [Franken] naked, thank God."

Gross. Well this gets us even too close for comfort: