Strib & Pi-Press break the bank on convention coverage

The Wall Street Journal has

a piece

on how Denver and Minnesota papers are digging deep to find the resources to cover the political conventions.

According to the article, the Pioneer Press will devote more than 30 staffers to covering the RNC and $25,000 for equipment, telecom services, and food for those stationed inside the Xcel Center.

The Strib, meanwhile, will have 15 staffers roaming outside the convention center, with more on call to cover protests and/or riots.

And unlike the Denver papers, which have Obamamania fueling ad sales, the Minnesota papers aren't expecting to make much of that back in advertising.

For the Minnesota papers, expectations of an advertising bump are more muted because of the lower interest level in Sen. John McCain's candidacy, according to editors and executives at the papers. Greg Mazanec, the Pioneer Press's vice president of advertising, said September ad revenue will be up almost 10% from normal September levels, owing partly to ads from Washington advocacy groups sold through the paper's partnership with the political news Web site Politico.

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