Storm means it's Christmas in Aug. for legit tree removers, scammers

Storm means it's Christmas in Aug. for legit tree removers, scammers

We saw it just hours after the storm passed the south Minneapolis neighborhood. The tornado left toppled trees, ripped up sidewalks, and damaged homes in its wake and it didn't take long for all of the people trying to make a buck to descend on the neighborhood.

Tree removal service companies, roofing companies, and any other person able to make some quick change were seen going from one distraught homeowner to the next in hopes of convincing them that their service was the best deal around.

While many of these companies are licensed and legit, there are others out there trying to scam storm victims. The city is out trying to bust these folks, but it's best to be aware of your rights before it is too late.

One Minneapolis woman contacted the Star Tribune, noting some tree removers

making up rules on tree removals

and who pays for them. She said a man told her the city wouldn't clean up any portion of a boulevard tree that falls into your yard. He was offering to clean it up for a fee. When she called the city, they said the city would take care of the whole thing.

A Hennepin County insurance rep warned storm victims not to sign any paperwork until they've looked into their insurance policies and know what they need to actually pay for. The Better Business Bureau sent out tips on how to avoid scammers who might be trying to take advantage of your situation.

KARE11 also has a report on these companies and how to quickly identify if they are legit:

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