Stop working and start watching this bald eagle feed her baby chick

Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed me.

Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed me.

So few of us remember our first few days on this planet. The invention of video allows us to go back, years later, and relive those fleeting moments when our eyes opened to the world, to our parents.

Like this baby bald eagle chick, which used that little beak to hatch the hell out of its egg on Thursday. Some day, as a full-grown eagle, this chick can use footage from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to revisit its birth and first meal. The chick was born in the eagle's nest that's currently on livestream through the DNR's EagleCam website

It's adorable, and its mom has been periodically feeding it, probably the same kinds of stuff you ate as a baby: fresh-killed fish she yanked out of a nearby lake, and the remains of a smaller bird mom killed last night. That looks like this.

Other times, both parents are around. The DNR reports that these two actual love birds have been sharing this nest for years.  Dad wasn't just flying around during these last few weeks, either: "The male and female take turns keeping their eggs warm and dry in a deep pocket in the middle of the nest."

There are a couple other unhatched eggs in there, and fans are awaiting the moment(s) when they break out of their shells and meet their parents and siblings. As of this afternoon, there is just this one, which is fluffy, and well-fed, and a perfectly good excuse to take the rest of Friday afternoon off to take in some wildlife.