Stillwater woman finds 7-foot snake on her deck [PHOTO]

Talk about a rude awakening!
Talk about a rude awakening!
Courtesy of Camille Kiolbasa via the Pioneer Press

-- Update at bottom --

A Stillwater family's Wednesday morning took a turn for the surreal when a man went out to his back deck and Holy shit! There's a 7-foot snake!

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Camille Kiolbasa snapped a photo of the snake at her 7 River Heights Drive home before DNR officials arrived. It's visible at the top of this post.

Stillwater police are asking for the snake's owner to come forward and claim it, the Pioneer Press reports. And for God's sake, do a better job keeping track of the thing next time around.

:::: UPDATE ::::

A Fox 9 report provides more information:

At 5 a.m., the homeowner wandered onto his deck, believing he saw a simple roll of paper towels his kids left outside, went to remove the mess -- and it moved. Upon switching on a light, the object was clearly a snake and the man called 911.

By the time the herpetologist arrived, the snake had wrapped itself on the lattice and railing of the deck, and the herpetologist was bitten twice during the removal. However, potential for bites is part of the deal when holding such an occupation, and she was not harmed.

Police said neighbors do not know of any nearby snake owners. The snake is now safe at the Minnesota Herpetological Society, part of the Bell Museum of Natural History in Minneapolis.

If not claimed, the snake will be up for adoption or auction after Sept. 5 or 6.

One interesting thing to note is that while the PiPress is reporting that the snake is seven feet long, Fox is going with a more modest five feet. Here's what Twin Cities blogger Paul Merrill had to say about that:

:::: UPDATE II ::::

The Pioneer Press's Mary Divine is reporting that the snake is actually a boa constrictor, not a python:

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