Stillwater man's girlfriend tells him he can't play Xbox, he gets upsets, assaults her, is arrested


You say video games make people violent? In Steve Freshwater's case, it's the lack of video games that leads to violence.

Freshwater, a 29-year-old Stillwater resident, was arrested and cited for fifth-degree assault Monday night after he got rough with his girlfriend. He lost his cool after she came home from work and put the kibosh on Steve's hoped-for night of Xbox-ing.

Instead of watching Steve Xbox it up, the girlfriend wanted to turn on the TV for her kids to watch while she folded laundry on the nearby couch. She even attempted to put a blanket on the ground for her kids to sit on while enjoying the tube before Freshwater (what a name!) lost his temper.

According to police, as she tried to place the blanket on the floor, Steve grabbed it and started a "tug of war" as the couple argued over whether the TV would play host to video games or children's shows.

Then Steve became violent, grabbing his girlfriend by the neck and throwing her onto the couch. She called police.

When officers arrived, Steve admitted getting physical with his girl, but said it was in self-defense -- he claimed she threw the Xbox at him during their argument. Perish the thought of what Steve would've done to her had his beloved console ended up broken.

Steve told officers he has never harmed anyone and "loves his girlfriend," but became upset because she was telling him what to do and he didn't agree with her. Maybe the solution is for Freshwater and his girlfriend to buy a second TV. That way, Steve can zone out and play Xbox, his girlfriend and her kids can enjoy the tube, and everybody will remain peaceful and happy.

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