Stillwater man walks into hospital ER, tells staff his mom died, steals lobby TV, gets arrested

Hernandez apparently thought he'd get away with grabbing a hospital's TV and marching out.
Hernandez apparently thought he'd get away with grabbing a hospital's TV and marching out.

Samuel Hernandez must've taken lessons at Blaze Schultz's Stillwater School for Dumb Thieves.

Hernandez, 34, walked into the emergency room at Stillwater's Lakeview Hospital on Sunday night. He told staff his mom died and he just needed a place to chill out for a while. Staff, no doubt pitying him, told Hernandez he could hang in the lobby.

That was a nice gesture, but turns out the my-mom-just-died story was a ruse. Either that, or Hernandez simply decided he'd rather take the TV home and watch his favorite shows from the comfort of his own couch. Because after purchasing a soda pop and sitting down in the lobby for about 15 minutes, Hernandez got up, grabbed the 20-incher, and allegedly waltzed right out of the hospital.

He didn't get to enjoy his new TV for very long, though. Lakeview's surveillance cameras caught video of Hernandez leaving the hospital with the TV. After he made his escape, a Lakeville employee saw him walking southbound away from the hospital grounds. Then, at Elk's, a bar nearby the hospital, an employee told police he saw a man matching Hernandez's description enter, order a beer, and say he was headed to that most suburban of locations -- Wal-Mart.

Officers arrested him shortly thereafter. Told the theft was captured on security cameras, Hernandez confessed, then took police back to his Olive Street home and turned over the TV.

In addition to whatever damage he may have done to his karma by stealing from a hospital emergency room, Hernandez was also cited for misdemeanor theft.

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