Stillwater couple's pock-faced, cross-eyed mugshots double as anti-meth advertising [PHOTOS]

Don't want your kid to do meth? Plaster the mugshots of Stillwater's Ashley Brooker and Nicholas Doyle to little Johnny's wall. While you might have to worry about him having nightmares, he'll probably never be tempted to touch crank.

This week, Brooker, 23, and Doyle, 25, pleaded guilty to felony drug charges after they were arrested in the midst of a chaotic scene at Stillwater's Lakeview Hospital last November.

On that November day, EMTs responded when Brooker, "extremely agitated" and flailing her arms, was seen digging through the passenger's side of a vehicle in the hospital parking lot. They called police. When police arrived, Brooker told them she was looking for her boyfriend's finger, which she falsely believed had been severed and lost somewhere inside the vehicle. Meth is a hell of a drug!

Turned out Doyle, her boyfriend, was inside the hospital getting treated for a cut to his finger, which remained firmly attached to his hand.

That must've been good news to Brooker, but bad news was forthcoming -- EMTs couldn't help but notice "severe pock marks, scarring, and scabs on the woman's face." Furthermore, police couldn't help but notice that a cap to a hypodermic syringe was sitting right on the driver's seat. Officers searched the car and found a syringe full of what was later found to be methamphetamine in the driver's console, and Brooker was hauled to jail. Here's what she looked like:

Officers later found a hypodermic syringe cap in Doyle's front pocket. He admitted Brooker drove him to the hospital, and Brooker admitted she was on a six-day meth binge, during which time she hadn't slept. Doyle was arrested and charged with fifth-degree possession of a controlled substance. Here's his mean-mugshot:

This week, Doyle pleaded guilty to the drug possession charge. Brooker pleaded guilty to a drug possession charge and to driving under the influence of a controlled substance. Both will be sentenced this summer and could face up to five years in prison.

You don't ever want to end up looking like either of these two, right kids? So stay away from crank, and if your face happens to itch for a non-meth related reason, remember to scratch it gently.

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