Stewart Woodman, Heidi's chef, calls mom for comfort after fire guts restaurant


Stewart Woodman is doubtless shaking his head in sadness this morning after a fire in his restaurant, Heidi's, gutted not just that business but four others at the busy Lynnhurst business intersection of 50th Street and Bryant Avenue yesterday afternoon. On his blog today, he describes how he called his mom for some good old maternal support:

To my beautiful and amazing staff, it's so vital that you remember that this is just life, the passions that went into making Heidi's a unique and special experience still remain, in you, in me, in us, it surrounds us, and beckons us to accept our challenges, embrace them, and look to the horizon for new opportunities to do this work again.

Yesterday at some point in the afternoon, I called my mother, I wanted to hear her voice and be comforted. A forty year old man standing on the street being consoled by his mommy, what a sight. It worked.

I feel OK, in reality what happened yesterday was that a building burned, but what remains is what we always had. It was a great honor of my life to be your cook these years at Heidi's.

Thank you.

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