Stewart Mills, Minnesota congressional hopeful, is a Packers fan [PHOTOS] [UPDATE]

Stewart Mills (far right) and his family.
Stewart Mills (far right) and his family.

-- Original post published June 27 at 7:30 a.m.; update at bottom --

Sure, it's not as bad getting busted zipper-down with a minor at a rest stop, but still -- the Packers? Really?

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Alas, photos supplied to City Pages by a Democratic source out Republican 8th District congressional hopeful Stewart Mills as a Packer backer.

Mills, 41, is vice president of the family-owned chain of Mills Fleet Farm stores. Despite his hippie hair, he's also an outspoken gun rights advocate. In a YouTube video last year where he argued that AR-15's aren't as dangerous and scary as Democrats would have you believe (at least when compared to shotguns -- watch it here), Mills said: "Gun control isn't about controlling guns -- it's about controlling people and limiting your freedom."

"We need to stand up for liberty and freedom and ability to defend ourselves in the way that we see fit," he continued.

Mills is anti-abortion and believes government should stay out of businesses' business and the health care market as much as possible. He wants to challenge Rick Nolan, the 8th District's Democratic incumbent. Nolan defeated Republican Chip Cravaack last year.

But who cares about any of that stuff when we have pictures of Mills wearing Packers gear during a Vikings game? Here are two shots of him wearing an Aaron Rodgers jersey at Lambeau Field during the Vikes-Pack tilt in October 2009. (This was the glorious game where Brett Favre completed three touchdowns during his emotional return to Lambeau. The Vikings won 30-23.)

These photos were posted to Facebook by Mills's wife.
These photos were posted to Facebook by Mills's wife.
Stewart Mills, Minnesota congressional hopeful, is a Packers fan [PHOTOS] [UPDATE]

Good luck with that 2016 campaign in Wisconsin, Stewart. Because whatever your political views are, Minnesota will never elect a green-and-gold-bleeding Green Bay fan.

:::: UPDATE ::::

After our report was published this morning, Mills released a statement addressing his Packers fandom. "Oh! They caught me!" he wrote, adding that he "never tried to hide it, it would be tough to."

Here's the whole thing:

"Oh! They caught me! Although I never tried to hide it, it would be tough to.

"My father became a Packer fan as a kid, a long, long time before the Vikings existed. In 1941 his/our cousin Gene Bierhaus, University of Minnesota All American, was drafted by the Packers to be their Quarterback; that kind of cemented it. Gene never got to play professional football for the Packers though. Instead Gene served in the US Marines during World War II. The extensive wounds our cousin sustained on the battlefield of Iwo Jima prohibited a career in professional sports after the Marines. My father is also good friends with Bud Grant and went to school with him at the University of Minnesota, since and after the time of Bud being the coach of the Vikings we, as a family, have had to take turns as to who we root for. (Seriously) Half the family for the Vikes, and the other for the Packers. I have continued that tradition in my own household, my wife and two step-sons are rabid Vikings fans. I suspect my daughter is going to be a Vikings fan, but my son loves the Green and Gold. My stepdaughter could care less."

So half of Mills's family cheers for the Vikes while the other half roots for the Pack? Sounds like a real natural-born politician to us. Watch out, Rick Nolan!

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