Stewart Mills, GOP congressional candidate, hits a beer bong [PHOTOS]

Mills and his family looking prim and proper (left); Mills partying (right)

Mills and his family looking prim and proper (left); Mills partying (right)

-- Update at bottom --

In June, we broke the news that Stewart Mills is a Packers fan. That being the case, perhaps nobody should be surprised to learn that dude knows how to party.

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Photos obtained by City Pages show Mills, the Mills Fleet Farm VP and seemingly inevitable 2014 GOP challenger to Rick Nolan, hitting a beer bong and playfully licking the lips of a woman.

[jump] The Democratic source who sent along the photos said the following two pictures, posted to Facebook by Mills's wife in February 2009, were deleted sometime after Mills announced his congressional bid earlier this year:


Takes the "I want to vote for a candidate I can have a beer with" thing to a whole new level, doesn't it?

Another photo from a 2008 Christmas party shows Mills doing his best reptile impersonation on the face of a woman who isn't his wife:

Surprisingly, that photo is still publicly viewable on Facebook (our source tells us the photo was posted by Mills's stepdaughter). [UPDATE -- Since we've published this, the photo has been taken down.]

At that same party Mills appeared to be dressed up as a hippied-out Bret Michaels:

Mills seems like a lot of fun, but he's also a very serious congressional candidate. It appears he won't face any significant opposition in his bid for the GOP nomination, and numbers released last month indicate he almost doubled Nolan's fundraising during the third quarter.

Nolan defeated Republican incumbent Chip Cravaack by a six point margin in northeast Minnesota's 8th District last year, but the National Republican Congressional Committee has already declared Nolan to be vulnerable heading into next year's campaign.

:::: UPDATE ::::

Mills released a statement in response to the photos he didn't want you to see hitting Blotter. Here it is:

It's no secret that in the past I've let my hair down to have fun with family and friends. My wife and I have had many lighthearted moments in our lives but right now I am focused on my Congressional campaign and the disastrous effects of our overreaching government and sky high unemployment in the north eastern Minnesota [sic].
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