Steven Olson allegedly spiked 8-year-old's juice box before touching him inappropriately

Olson allegedly put a young visitor to sleep with a mystery concoction before assaulting him.
Olson allegedly put a young visitor to sleep with a mystery concoction before assaulting him.

Steven Olson faces a second-degree criminal sexual conduct charge for allegedly spiking juice he gave an eight-year-old boy before touching him inappropriately.

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The boy and his sister had been dropped off by their mother at Olson's Blaine home on New Year's Day when the incident allegedly occurred. It's unclear why the mother made the regrettable decision to leave her children with Olson, 27, in the first place.

From WCCO:

The mother told investigators that when she pick up her kids from Olson's home on the evening of Jan. 1, both told her they "never wanted to go back," a criminal complaint said.

One child, an 8-year-old, began vomiting and feeling dizzy when he returned to his home. When his mother asked him why he didn't want to return to Olson's house, he said that Olson "did something" to the juice box he had with dinner. The boy said he then fell asleep after dinner and woke up to Olson touching and pinching him inappropriately.

Authorities met the family at Unity Hospital that night. When interviewing the boy, investigators said the child told them a version of events similar to that which he told his mother.

When the boy came out of his juice-induced haze, Olson was "pinching his buttocks and touching his penis over his clothes," the Pioneer Press reports.

Following the hospital interview with the boy, law enforcement searched Olson's home and found seven juice boxes. The boxes are being tested for substances, as is the boy's urine.

Olson faces up to 25 years in prison.

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