Steven Moore was allegedly attempting to rob his former pot dealer when he killed dealer's bro

Moore (left) allegedly killed Marcos Pantaleon (right) in cold blood in front of his mother.
Moore (left) allegedly killed Marcos Pantaleon (right) in cold blood in front of his mother.

Minneapolis resident Steven Moore has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of 19-year-old Shakopee resident Marcos Pantaleon.

According to the criminal complaint, Moore was attempting to rob Pantaleon's brother, a man he used to buy marijuana from, when he shot Marcos at point-blank range.

KARE 11, citing the complaint, reports that Moore, 27, used to live in the same apartment building as the Pantaleons, so when he and two other "black males" knocked on the door of the Pantaleons' Shakopee apartment last Thursday night, they were let in.

The brother, Miguel Pantaleon, told police that Moore and his accomplices then stormed in and demanded wallets from Miguel, Marcos, and their 17-year-old cousin. Marcos was shot and killed during an ensuing confrontation; Miguel and the cousin were shot and injured.

Police said the apartment smelled of marijuana when they arrived on the scene.

In an especially tragic twist, Miguel and Marcos's mother says she watched her son's murder happen right in front of her. From the Shakopee Valley News:

Teresa said Marcos was in the living room Thursday night with his brother and cousin while others prepared for bed, when a knock came at the door.

Later she was told that one of the young men looked through the peephole, and recognizing the person as a friend, they opened the door. The man then displayed a gun and two other males entered the apartment.

Teresa said she was in her bedroom with her teenage daughter Maggie, listening to worship music, when an African-American man entered, grabbed her hair and began dragging her away.

She feared her daughter might be raped, but Maggie ran and hid in the closet of the other bedroom, where her husband was.

Rivera somehow escaped the man's grasp, running through the apartment hallway. Marcos tried to protect her, she recounted, but was shoved against the kitchen wall and shot point-blank.

He fell face-forward to the floor. He was shaking. His last words to her were call the police and 'I love you mom.'

She ran out of the apartment to seek help and when she returned he was dead.

"My son did not deserve to die this way," Rivera said. "But I leave it all in God's hands."

In addition to second-degree murder, Moore has also been charged with aggravated robbery and two counts of aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon.

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